14 February 2022
UK-first 5G broadcast trials at MK Dons football stadium set to revolutionise fan experience
A landmark project using 5G broadcast technology to supercharge the way fans interact with live sport has been piloted at a major sporting event. The group behind 5G VISTA - a government-backed consortium using 5G technologies to deepen audience engagement, broaden content for fans and create valuable new commercial opportunities - completed a successful trial […]
2 February 2022
University of Surrey
Surrey paves the way for secure multicast communications
As part of the government-backed 5G VISTA programme, Surrey’s 5G/6GIC is devising new ways of connecting to enable enhanced viewing experiences direct to users’ mobile devices. When thousands of users need to connect to a single source of content – such as to see multi-angle views of the action at a live sporting event – […]
26 January 2022
Alex Buchan
Stadium MK is just the start for 5G VISTA and sports fans
When a small group of lucky fans sit down to watch MK Dons vs. Ipswich Town on Saturday 12th February 2022, they will not only enjoy the atmosphere within Stadium MK but also a totally new way of experiencing a live match. As well as the live action, they will be able to watch six […]
17 December 2021
GWS – Initial Consumer Research Insights
GWS’s primary task in Project VISTA is to assist in determining and demonstrating consumer interest and potential business opportunities to enable 5G-powered live-streaming at sporting and music events across the UK. In general, GWS recruits from a range of demographics and asks consumers about their habits and interests (i.e., gather feedback on what they like, […]
14 December 2021
Kostas Katsaros
The recipe for 5G Broadcast success: 5 tips from industry experts
As a technologist and sports fan, there isn’t much that excites me more than 5G and its power to completely transform attendee experience at live events. 5G Broadcast can unlock experiences to create an innovative dimension to live events that will not only enhance customer experience, but also increase channels of engagement. The opportunities here […]
9 December 2021
Rohde & Schwarz
5G Broadcast/Multicast and the future of media delivery – a Rohde & Schwarz perspective
It is quite clear that the mobile telecommunications era is here to stay. As part of our everyday lives, a world without mobile phones is difficult to imagine. The ease of communications has changed and is still changing the entire way we do things. Despite the good times, today’s increases in data traffic and network […]
3 December 2021
Ori Industries
Case Study: How Ori helps facilitate the 5G VISTA project
CHALLENGE The Video in Stadia Technical Architecture (VISTA) Project is a collection of Telecom and technology vendors, including Ori, providing a live interactive experience on mobile devices for event spectators. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate the ability to deploy a 5G-powered sporting event broadcast to deliver enhanced and personalised viewing experiences direct […]
30 November 2021
David Owens
Upgrading the live event experience with 5G
It is my firm belief that connectivity, both mobile and broadband, will boost the economy and play a central role in Britain’s post-pandemic recovery. Our collective belief at Virgin Media O2 in the potential of connectivity is why we continue to explore the role of technologies such as 5G networks in transforming not only industries […]
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