Who is VISTA

VISTA brings together complementary skills, knowledge, and experience from across the mobile media ecosystem, from devices to networks, broadcast to content and venues. 

The following companies have joined together to test and demonstrate the technical feasibility and the business potential of the 5G broadcast technology that is driving VISTA:


Provides a software encoding system that encodes and packages the camera feeds into the correct formats for broadcast distribution by the 5G broadcast technology

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Digital Catapult

Provides provision of the 5G testbed network, validation of the business cases and assessment of further applications and market verticals.

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Provides project management, coordination, and collaboration with the creative industries.

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Provides consumer research and insight from a mobile network operator perspective.

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Imaginary Pictures

Provides production and live camera expertise for technical demonstrations

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Ori Industries

Provides a Multi-access Edge Compute platform to enable Atem’s solution for live sport streaming to be deployed on the O2 4G & 5G network.

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Rohde & Schwarz

Provides the equipment, systems and expertise for a multicast/broadcast overlay network based on 5G broadcast technology.

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The University of Surrey's 5GIC

Provides multicast/broadcast security within the VISTA project, including the design and validation of end-to-end security for group communication.

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Virgin Media O2

Virgin Media O2 has the UK’s largest and most reliable mobile network. As the project's technical lead, O2 has driven the development of the broadcast solution for the Vista programme. O2 has strong associations with live sport and music, and is also providing the final showcase venue.

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