Where are the opportunities for VISTA?

Large stadia

5G broadcast technology can be used to deliver enhanced viewing experiences such as multi-angle views of the action on the pitch.

Large venue or multi-site sports/events

e.g., Touring Cars; golf; cricket; and music festivals - 5G broadcast technology will enable spectators to see all the action from around the venue at the same time. It can also provide extra information about the event and players to enhance the live experience. At music events/festivals getting information on other stages, or from the artists, can be used to create a personalised and interactive experience while allowing attendees to follow the performances from around the site.

Fan parks and associated events

5G broadcast technology can be used to deliver the main action to a big screen while simultaneously delivering enhanced and supplementary action to mobile devices.

Advertising, venue, and travel information

5G Broadcast technology can be used to provide public information without congesting the mobile network to help improve the overall in-venue experience e.g., traffic congestion, queues for access etc.

Who could benefit from VISTA?

As well as allowing fans at live events to get even closer to the action, 5G broadcast technology offers some exciting new business opportunities for organisations looking for a cost-effective and efficient way of delivering new services and reaching new audiences. For example:

Venue owners

Differentiate and add value to in the in-venue experience through access to more content and venue information.

Content Providers

Opportunity to enhance offering and extend reach to new audiences.

Mobile Network Operators

Opportunity to provide premium video services at key locations at a much lower cost than is possible with standard mobile delivery.

Rights Holders

New ways to access and engage with fans, also opening new opportunities for merchandising.
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