The majority of consumers going to live events already use their smartphones at the event (76% music/77% sports) and 5G VISTA will give them even better content and more information. Over a third of sports and music fans who regularly attend live events said they would be interested in using an app based on VISTA technology and as the project matures and we are better able to demonstrate the technology’s benefits, we expect consumer interest to increase (Source: GWS research June 2021).
76% of live music event consumers use their smartphones at the event
77% of live sports event consumers use their smartphones at the event
5G broadcast technology can provide a richer live experience that will include: - multi-angle views of the action; views from areas that cannot be seen or behind the scenes; and additional information about the event.

Live events currently provide a real service challenge for mobile network operators, with demand for data being particularly problematic at key moments, meaning that fans cannot access content. The investment required to overcome this issue by increasing bandwidth does not stack up financially as the venues are not in permanent use.

The 5G broadcast technology that VISTA uses overcomes this problem, as it delivers content from one source to many users, rather than one to one, meaning that the quality of service is maintained regardless of the number of users.

This means that with 5G broadcast technology fans can all access the same content and information at the same time getting them even closer to the action and enhancing their enjoyment of the event in that moment.
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