Enjoy the 5G Vista: Inside the successes and challenges of the 5G Broadcast in-stadium project led by the DTG

Case Study: How Ori helps facilitate the 5G VISTA project


The Video in Stadia Technical Architecture (VISTA) Project is a collection of Telecom and technology vendors, including Ori, providing a live interactive experience on mobile devices for event spectators. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate the ability to deploy a 5G-powered sporting event broadcast to deliver enhanced and personalised viewing experiences direct to mobile devices.

Ori Global Edge powers a multi-access edge computing (MEC) environment fully integrated with the 5G network hosting the broadcast video compression engine and associated secondary applications such as streaming analytics.

Key Issues for Ori

•          Application orchestration across a 5G network with independent components

•          Management of a MEC environment with next generation telco service

•          Cost efficient and expandable service


The VISTA Project envisions a new, low cost architecture approach with “further enhanced Multicast Broadcast Media Service” (FeMBMBS) built on a 5GNR Multicast Broadcast Media Service Network. A key element in this approach is the MEC operated by Ori.

Ori Global Edge offers a single point of control for operators to quickly add additional services for attendees without the usual overheads associated with new feature rollouts.

Additionally, Ori Global Edge provides a collection of common utilities needed to manage any environment including identity and access management, tenancy, workload isolation, secure traffic ingress, policy-driven mesh networking between workloads, and key management.

Key Solution from Ori

•          OGE MEC ensures real-time services without the need for centralised cloud     processing of data


Project VISTA is actively deploying proof of concept trials built with the Ori Global Edge and various underlying equipment to demonstrate capabilities in real-time, live event scenarios.

Key Results from Ori

•          Technology proof of concept for Ori Global Edge with Telcos, 5G networks and real-time services

•          Establish Ori Global Edge as a leading MEC for Telco providers

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